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  1. aajayunlimited Post author

    Do you know Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your personal Lord and Savior? A) If you don’t, maybe you have felt that conviction(severe pressure within you “tugging” at you that you’re going the wrong way; for me, whenever I read Revelations, thought about dying, or heard about end times news, I was both worried and afraid about what my end would be) in your heart–but have refused to act on it. 1. Maybe there’re some things that you have trouble giving up; maybe it is something sinful that you do with by yourself or with your family or friends: like play cards(supposedly linked to tarot cards of witchcraft); listen to worldly music(that might tempt you to treat/see the opposite sex the wrong way or make your colder than you might otherwise be); maybe it’s drugs; maybe it’s things for which you derive an adrenaline rush; maybe it’s the appetite for the opposite sex; maybe you are addicted to something(whether it be normal or outrageous); or maybe it’s not being able to pull away from friends that are worldly(yet) the most calm and non-offensive people that you ever want to meet on some issues(and risk losing them). 2. Maybe you’re shy or fearful to defy your loved ones, peers, and/or the public. 3. Maybe you are lacking a job, driver’s license(driving ability), etc. so that you feel as though you won’t be embraced fully as an adult. 4. Maybe you’re overweight or feel as though you’re an eyesore. 5. Maybe you can’t read or write. 6. Maybe you feel like you are young and have a long time to get your life in order. 7. Maybe you feel angry at God for something that has happened in the past. 8. Maybe you’re skeptic or your ways make you akin to a skeptic[having some qualities of agnosticism, atheism, hedonism, narcissism, or pantheism]. 9. Maybe you take the unknown as that which you cannot see(fearing to trust in that which you cannot see) and–what you can see/know is in front of you–is your determining factor on what you do. 10. Maybe you wonder if there isn’t something that could be asked/required of you that is outside the realm of possibility for you. 11. Maybe you are stubborn as an ox and as long as you can stay out of prison and you have yearnings to do it, then you will. 12. Maybe it’s a combination of these or something else. If you have felt this conviction(and something has held you back), then don’t take it for granted. It may not always be there. Come as you are and with a made up mind while the chance is here. Heaven(permanently perfect) and hell(permanently and perfectly horrible) is awaiting you based upon your end here! Bear in mind that man has no concept of what permanent feels like. Will you avoid hell at all costs? I beg you to do it; please. I love you and don’t want

    B) But, if you haven’t felt that personal conviction, it’s important that you pray and have others pray(sincerely and in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth–by which all power and authority has been given) that you feel the conviction in a manner that there is no more turning “right” or “left” for you. Then, act on it when it comes! One way is to naturally examine the bible as more than a “lie” or propaganda–with an open mind. Look at the world today; are things set up in a manner that is 2 or 3 major steps from an evil regime being able to take over? Who are they and/or their “arms” opposing? Israel. World leaders everywhere have been filmed/photographed using the devil horns(Spiderman); celebrities also flash the ok, 666, symbol(esp. as a ring around the eye); etc. There are more symbols(such as the peace symbol), numeric codes, etc. Plus, if you wanted to receive the mark of the beast(prophesied in Revelations) and if it’s a scannable bar code, I’m quite sure that the technology exists to do it right now–without delay. I heard on TV where this guy allowed them to put a mark/device in him so that he could party for free! Plus, we live in a society where people will just do anything to be able to fulfill only simple yearnings, to get perks, to avoid simple inconvenience, or get ahead. There’s no telling what they’ll do for true desires and when weighed with death/harassment. MS-13 a worldwide gang that uses the devil horns symbol sometimes offer recruits to join us or die! Why have gangs been allowed to operate freely when they are like “ants” of the devil? People(in generations prior to now) have joined cults for free sex and drugs without caring about giving a man godship over their lives as a result(Manson) and they have joined heaven’s gate(spaceships) even after one of their “gods” died unexpectedly of cancer. They continued to stay with Jim Jones after he was beating members, having suicide drills, and having sex with whomever he wanted–things obviously against the Christian religion that he initially claimed to teach. People love themselves and their families more than the God of existence. Then, society promotes homosexuality(proof that God is against it is that sex is for reproduction first and pleasure second and mankind doesn’t naturally reproduce that way) and anti-Jesus rhetoric and sentiment(according to them, it is fine to say God, but not Jesus). It seems that society is corrupt and advanced enough for this to be very close to the 7 year end time period. Honestly, I don’t know if we are there or close, but it sure seems like it; the evil, intelligence, and weaponry of today makes Hitler’s time(and you know how effective he was) look like wheel and carriages in comparison with airplanes. Don’t think we are so far off; we may not be. One thing is for certain we will not always be. Still, people die and cities/civilizations are ended. Today, without warning and before you can pray, a nuclear attack can kill in a snap. What if it’s your turn? What if you get the join us or die? What if die without a chance to pray or God has said enough(you felt that you could decide when you wanted to become a Christian)? What if the mark of the beast is presented to you and you aren’t converted to Christ? Well, if you do not accept Jesus Christ of Nazareth before it’s too late(and God knows when it’s too late and not you) as your Lord and personal Savior, then you die and go to hell permanently–where everything evil in the history of the living is. Then, it’s going to be several times(maybe lava bed like) hotter than the hottest day on earth with no water. It’s going to be dark, probably smoky, and probably rotten-corpse smelling. Then, to my understanding, you will be able to see others in heaven having an incredibly joyous time. Plus, there is no dying!

    For your reading and edification: http://www.larrystephensministries.com/Salvation.html



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